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Best 6 Good Online Games like Wizard101

Wizard101 is developed by KingsIsle Entertainment, it was released on September 2, 2008 in North America and March 3, 2009 in Europe. It’s basically a role-playing game where the player lives in the Spiral Universe as a wizardry student, and defends the same from enemy attack. The player can gain access to the Spiral worlds through crowns which is the premium currency or through a membership that allows unlimited access to all the Spiral worlds within the Spiral Universe. The player receives badges as a sign of progression into the next level, other additional fantasy badges can be obtained by completing the gaming tasks. The player can also hone in other hobby skills like gardening, fishing, train pets, improve casting spells, and furniture craft that are useful during the cosmic magical battle. The maximum level one can reach is 100.

Role-playing is exciting and like a surreal virtual existence which can make a gamer obsessed into the chimera. Here is the list of complementary online games to Wizard101.

Pirate 101
Developed by: KingsIsle Entertainment

Ahoy! into the Land of Pirates, here one can get to play Captain Jack Sparrow and claim your loot from the seas. Complete various treasure quests and gain entry into the next level of the game. Command your airship, fire guns and cannons at the enemy through magic, unlock new worlds, and discover hidden treasure in board game combat style. Partake in the booty wearing nifty boots and stylish eye patches, battle mythical creatures and train pets. This game will obviously leave you feeling Arrr!!

Maple Story
Developed by: Wizet

A 2D side-scrolling game allows you to play with players from all over the world through chatting, trading, and minigames. One can create characters according to the four types that are given in the game, innumerable characters can be created in each world and can be switched between other worlds. Travel through the mystical world of Maple and defeat monsters to increase one’s strengths and abilities, player can also gang up and form groups or join groups in the virtual world to hunt and seek rewards. Player starts with getting trained on Maple Island and then proceeds towards Victoria Island and Ossyria. If you wish to be a demon slayer with par excellence then this game will suit your taste well.

Club Penguin
Developed by: New Horizon Interactive, Disney Interactive

It’s a fun cartoon Disney game where the player is in a virtual snow land as a penguin and has to move about the snow land role-playing, indulging in snowball fights, earn stamp rewards by completing missions and playing with other players from around the world, and mini-games. The game is free but also features a membership that can allow access to endless privileges like dressing up your virtual penguin in stylish clothes and decorating your igloo. If you feel like indulging to the whims of your inner child this game will keep you enchanted.

Developed by: Jagex Games Studio

A 3D graphical browser game it takes the player into the fantasy world of Gielinor in a medieval era where there are different kingdoms to conquer. The interesting part is that one has to create your own story in the game because it is not based on a concrete story-line, the player can choose from the various avatars available and fight monsters, mythical creatures, collect resources, and enter into engaging quests through expeditions on foot, charter ships or magical spells. One can also trade, execute mini-games, and chat with other players internationally. If you plan on playing the lone survivor and win kingdoms then this is the game for you.

Toontown Online
Developed by: Disney Interactive

This fun Disney game allows the player to create various animal cartoon giving them names, shapes, and colors. The toons then compete and engage in battle with the Cogs that are a collection of robots to save their toon kingdom. While battling out, the player has to watch out for the health meter of your created toon and ensure that they do not get sad, and ammunition ‘Gag Pouch’ is full always. The player has to complete the given toon tasks to earn rewards and enter into the next level of the game. This game can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

World of Warcraft
Developed by: Blizzard Entertainment

Battle it out in various realms and conquer the Azeroth universe, the player creates a character avatar within the game world and has to choose from 4 realms to battle out monsters and complete quests. The four realms are divided into the Normal mode where it’s the player versus the environment, the PvP where the player can compete or be attacked by another player, the RP where it’s role-playing in-character, the RP-PvP where cross-faction combat can be used in in-character role. The various realms in the game have different language and is assisted by in-game language support. Player can create numerous avatars on all realms but travel from one realm to another by paying fee. Wish to live in fantasy… then choose your psychic realm and battle it out.

MMORPG games allow the player to build confidence, develop teamwork spirit, set and achieve goals, and also relieve stress from the day-to-day situations. They are pretty much good for every age group. So go ahead and play your favorite role in these virtual zones and game on!

Best List of Free Online Games for Mac

The field of Internet technology has witnessed continuous advances, all of which have changed the face of computer gaming. A few years ago, Mac users and particularly the gamers used to feel a little left out, as there were very few computer games designed for the Macintosh system. However, the growing popularity of Apple computers coupled with new-age technological innovations have increased the number of free online games for Macintosh users. The latest Mac computers offer a major advantage in the fact that they are also compatible with other operating systems such as the Linux, Windows XP, Windows Vista, etc. Therefore, it is now possible for a Mac user to run all those Windows or Linux-based games and software applications which, until now, were limited only to their targeted operating systems. From a Mac user’s perspective, this comes across as a significant development since it helps increase the all-round usage value of the computer and in the process, bridges the gap between the Mac systems and other personal desktop computers.

Users will be particularly delighted at the wide choice presented by free online mac games that have hit the market in recent years. Many of these games have attained wide amount of publicity and have therefore, developed a strong fan base among the masses. There is a large pool of online games that are available for Mac users; names of some of these games are presented below:
puzzle and strategy games
card games
casino games
racing games
arcade games
sports-related games
action games
traditional board games
mystery ‘n’ adventure games.
The best thing about these downloadable online games is that they cater to a global audience that cuts across different groups and diverse backgrounds. Names of some of the best free online games for Mac users can be found, listed (placed in different categories) in the paragraphs below.

Best Free Online Games for Macintosh Users

These games are classified and placed in different categories such as casino games, adventure game, traditional board games, the all-time classics, etc. Let us begin with information on adventure games.

Adventure Games: Packed with drama, mystery and suspense, the adventure games have a huge fan following the world over. Crime scenes, murder trails, treasure hunts, eye-patched pirates… adventure games have it all! Listed below are some of the popular adventure games for Mac users:
Jewel Quest Mysteries
Island of Hope
Hidden Relics
Mystery in London
Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare
The Nightshift Code
Neptune’s Secret
The Count of Monte Cristo
Puzzle and Strategy Games: These games are widely popular among all age groups simply because they are very innovative, totally engrossing and quite witty. Some of the most popular Mac puzzle games are:
4 Elements
Cradle of Rome
Pirate Poppers
Casino Games: Another hit with the older generation, online casino games come in many different types, thereby providing the casino enthusiasts with plenty of options to choose from. Names of popular casino games are given below:
Online Poker
Online Bingo
Video Poker
Traditional Board Games: All of us have grown up playing those legendary games like Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. Online board games provide us with an opportunity to relive those moments in a digital way. Here’s a list of some of the most-played board games online by Mac users:
The Game of Life
All-time Classics: Solitaire, Pac-Man, Tetris, Pinball… the grand-daddies of computer games, these all-time classics are loved by one and all, even today. Moving with the times, these games have undergone slight modifications and today are available in variants such as:
Ancient Spider Solitaire
Solitaire XL
Pac the Man X
Speed Chess
Tetris Planet
Mac Pinball
The Big Guns: Saving the best for last, here are some of the big guns of the online gaming industry which can get you addicted in no time at all:
Age of Empires
Unreal Tournament
Need for Speed
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Call of Duty
Tiger Woods PGA Tournament
Cartoon-loving children also have many options to choose from; they can enjoy the animated online kids games in the form of Bob the Builder, Airport Mania, etc. Gaming enthusiasts can rub their hands in glee, for the number of free online games for Mac computers is increasing multifold with every passing day. Hope you enjoy playing the online Mac games that are listed in this article.

Know More About Online Chess Games for Kids That Boost Their Mental Abilities

The game of chess originated in India and the Europeans became familiar to it during the 15th century. Chess is played on a Checkerboard with 64 boxes and is one of the most popular board games in the world. Knowledge and verbal abilities, as opposed to visuospatial skills form the base or core of the practice of developing expertise in chess. Practice and study holds key to master this game and it is more important than just anticipating the moves. Chess also helps increase the power of memory thereby, helping the player in remembering or memorizing the different moves.

Kids Chess
According to studies and projects conducted in different countries, playing chess has helped in raising the intelligence quotient (IQ) level of children and people in general. It is therefore, necessary that kids be encouraged to learn this game and master the techniques. Chess helps children master the different mathematical skills and abilities. Children should be taught chess lessons in a step by step and fun-filled manner. The number of online chess games help them learn and master the game easily and quickly. Chess could be used as one of the forms or methods of mental training that helps in conditioning the mind.

Internet Chess Games for Kids

There are many websites that offer chess games for children. These games are aimed at teaching children the basics of chess. The objective of playing these games is not just teaching chess rules, but also enabling children to find solutions to difficult problems/situations that occur while playing. Different formats such as puzzles, quizzes, interactive games, etc., could be used to help children develop interest in the game. Some of the chess game websites also present players with scenarios/situations they have to deal with.

Monster Chess: This is a fun chess game to be played online. In ‘Monster Chess’, one has to choose a piece to capture the opponent’s pieces. Only few (not all) of the opponent’s pieces are arranged on the chessboard for the players to work their way out of the problem/situation. One has to play in such a manner that he captures an opponent’s piece with every move being made. The player can choose from any of the different types of pieces like the King, Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop and even a pawn to turn it into a ‘monster’. It is necessary to plan several steps in advance in order to win this game.

Knight’s Tour: In this PC game, knight is the only piece being used. Objective of this game is to make moves in such a manner that the knight never visits a place that he has visited before. The knight’s tour can start from any point on the chessboard. The tour can continue as long as the knight arrives in a square from where it has the option only to attack the starting square. When such a situation arrives, the tour is said to be closed.

Checkmate the Enemy King: In this free online game for kids, the player has to checkmate the opponent’s king. Different scenarios are provided with various combinations/arrangements of pieces. An important thing that a player should consider is to avoid a stalemate.

Gameknot: It is an online chess game where one can play against the computer and also other chess players. There is a provision to save the current game and play it afterwards. It is also possible to play more than one games simultaneously with several players.

3D Chess Online: It is an online chess game where one can enjoy 3D graphics. Participants can choose from three levels of difficulty i.e. beginner, casual and advanced. One can also decide on whether he wants white or black pieces.

Easy Chess: As the name suggests, this game is quite easy to play. Format of the game is same as that of normal chess except that the player is provided with hints or tips pertaining to every move made by him.

Kids Chess Evaluator: The ‘Kids Chess Evaluator’ game is actually a quiz that tests a person’s knowledge about chess. The knowledge of checkmates and other tactics used in chess is tested in this quiz.

The above mentioned free chess games for kids are the best means of training children. Moreover, these informative websites teach the basic rules, techniques and moves through interesting means. The different chess games that are available online help in building their tactical skills, memorizing abilities and the intelligence quotient (IQ) in general.

Let’s Learn About TV Game Shows That You Can Play Online

Whenever I think of game shows now, I can’t help but think of ‘Requiem of a Dream’ and the character of Sara Goldfarb, whose only dream in life is to be on a game show. Television can be addictive and these shows, even more so. They have a reality television flavor in them, coupled with the allure of fame, which totally hooks people. People want to feel special and these shows provide common people with a platform to attain a few minutes of fame. You can play these shows online now. There are many websites that have come up with interactive shows, which you can enjoy playing from the comfort of your home.

Internet can provide you with almost every type of entertainment today, of the virtual kind. This includes online games, which you can play for free. These Internet games can be very interesting and amusing to try out, once in a while.

Popular Shows Available Online

There are many dedicated web sites, as well as TV networks that offer free online games, which you must check out. The format of these shows mimics the original formats of the television shows.

Wheel of Fortune
One of the most popular TV game shows is ‘Wheel of Fortune’, which has been running for more than three decades now. The game format involves turning a wheel and guessing the word puzzle simultaneously. If you have been watching television for long, I am sure that you don’t need an explanation of the game play. There are a few websites that let you play this game online and one that provides this game as a software, which can be installed on your smartphone. Check it out.

Weakest Link
Another quiz game show, that involves answering a series of continuous questions, is the British TV Game show – ‘Weakest Link’. You can play this game online, on a website, when you feel like you are up for some serious trivia.

Jeopardy is a quiz game that tests your knowledge on various different subject areas. It has a unique format, whereby, instead of questions, the contestants are provided with answers, from which they must reverse engineer appropriate questions. Personally, I love this innovative format. To play these games online for free, you can either visit websites or download its software. Jeopardy is made available as a software program. Try out the trial version for free and if you are really hooked, buy it.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Perhaps, one of the most popular shows in the world, ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?’ is an all time hit. Hundreds of rags-to-riches stories have made this program a part of television folklore. This game has the same format, when played online. You are asked trivia questions and the amount of ‘virtual’ money you earn, increases with every question that you answer, in a time period of 30 seconds. All the ‘life lines’ offered and other details are the same. You simply have to try it out and earn some ‘virtual’ cash.

What amazes us about these shows is the thrill and amazement of expecting the unexpected. Some of them like ‘Who Wants to be A Millionaire’ are entertaining and informative at the same time. These online games can be very entertaining and each one of them is highly recommended, if you are in the mood to be entertained.