Best Online Games for 3 Year Olds

There are many free online games for 3 year olds. Many of these online PC games, help to learn and are fun to play. These games have different colors and sound effects. Many such games have various characters, that are part of a story. With these visually stimulating features and interactive sounds, a child pays attention to these games. This improves the concentration of the child. But do monitor the amount of the time spent, by your child playing these games.

Choosing an online game for a 3-year-old is an important decision. There are many categories of online games. They are also several online educational computer games. You can introduce your child to coloring games, adventure games or puzzle games. If you notice problems in your child’s hand-eye coordination, then you could probably get him to play games that involve catching objects. If your child needs help matching colors and shapes, choose a sorting game. Listed below are the different categories of games and the most popular games for toddlers.

Puzzle Games
These are very popular among online games for young children. Puzzle games include tic-tac-toe, jigsaw puzzles, etc. Here are some popular puzzle games.

What Time Is It?: In this online learning game, the user is given a colorful clock on the right. The player has to read the time on the time clock and enter it on the timer in the left side. For every right answer, the player collects one point.

The Clever Beaver Tic-Tac-Toe: Player gets an X and the beaver an O. Play with the beaver to win the tic-tac-toe game. But the player needs to be careful and make his moves smartly, as the beaver is very clever. This game is one of the many interesting computer games for toddlers. Help your child with this game as the concept of the game could be slightly difficult for your child to grasp.

Spot the Difference Games: In such games, the user is provided with two pictures. One picture is the right picture. The second picture, is a twin of the first one but has around 10 differences. The player has to figure out these different spots. Click on these spots to complete the second picture.

Sorting Games for Children
These games help children differentiate between things. Such games are fun to play and very colorful.

Stationery Game: In this game, the player will be given a set of three stationery items like a pencil, sharpener and stapler. There will be an object hovering quickly, above these items. The player has to match the moving object with the right option among the three options provided.

Tidy Library: This is a very nice learning game. You can learn to tidy things and how to identify where each item belongs. This game falls into the category of memory games for children. In this game, you have to remember the right places where all the books, speakers, pots, etc. are kept in the library. After the user clicks the play button, a shelf is displayed. This shelf has some items missing in it. The missing items are shown on one side. Drag and drop these items on their proper places on the shelf.

Eat It Or Wear It?: This is an interesting game. Here the user is provided with 5 things. This game has two characters, who with music and words explain the different levels of the game. The user has to sort these things out. Things which are to be eaten are to be kept on a mat and things which one can wear are to be kept on the bench. In the second level, user has to sort between toys and things to wear. This game will help the children to differentiate between food, toys, and things to wear.

Adventure Games for Children
An adventure game has a basic storyline. It gives the player a task to finish. Such games are loaded with colors and music.

Santa Claus Trip: This is an awesome memory game. This is a fun online adventure game. In this game, the player has to memorize the journey that Santa Claus has to undertake and then click on the right locations all over the world. After clicking on the right place, a gift falls on different characters and spreads the joy of Christmas.

Max & Ruby’s Where is Max?: Hide and seek is a very common game. It is popular as an indoor game for kids. Now children can play it virtually with Max and Ruby. Max likes to hide. Ruby keeps commenting throughout the game with instructions for the player. The player has to look for the places, where Max is hiding, and click on those places to win.

Bob the Builder: Sunflower Park: This is a super fun game. In this game either you can choose to play or build. If you select the play mode you can go on playing in the park, like on the seesaw with rabbits. If you choose the build mode you can collect various building materials to build a playground.

Catching Games for Kids

In such games, you have to catch different things like balls, fruits, eggs, etc. These games are loaded with colors. The player has to catch different things and if he/she misses, the player loses points.

Fruit Collection: This is among free online games for kids. This is a fun game to play. The user has to catch different colorful fruits on a mat and bounce them into the basket. One has to catch the fruits in time or they will fall down on the ground, with a bang and the player loses points. So, be careful and collect all the fruits in the basket.

Dress-up Games for Kids
These games are colorful and have interactive sounds. Many times, the user is given the choice to select a character. Player can select different items to dress-up the character. Dress-up games have an option to print the dressed up character, in the end.

Dora Super Silly Costume Maker: This online game allows children to use their imagination and creativity. In this game, you can either select Diego or Dora. You are given different hats, shoes and clothes. Select any of these, and dress Diego or Dora in a silly and funny way for the party! This is also one of the printable games for kids.

Music Games
Almost all the online games for children, are loaded with music. There are certain music games, which help children create music with the help of instruments.

Frogs On A Log: This a fun game. It has around 4 – 5 frogs sitting on a log. The user has to roll the mouse over the frogs. The frogs make individual sounds. This online game for 3 year olds, helps them learn about rhythm and compose songs.

Coloring Games for Kids
These games are especially liked by children. Users can draw a shape and color it. After the game is finished, one can also take a printout of their drawing.

Coloring Book: In this game, the user is given a white paper. Around the paper, there are different pencil tips and colors. Children can draw their favorite shapes using these tools. After coloring the shape, one can print their drawing.

Magic Paintbox: In this game one can either draw or paint a picture story. The interface provided for coloring and drawing in this game is very easy to use and attractive. After you are done coloring and drawing you can print your pictures.

Racing Games for Kids
These games are especially liked by boys. Such games give the player, a racing vehicle. One has to compete with the second player to win the game.

Grand Prix: This is a car game for kids. You get a racing car and have to race with the other car. The winner gets the prize of entry to a new grand prix race! This is a slightly difficult game for a three-year old, because they have to control the race car with arrows and use the space bar for brakes. This game will help the child improve his/her motor skills. Good luck!

There are some sites which have game downloads section. So, you can download games for children and use them when you are offline. Listed above were some of the online games for children. Such games help children memorize things and use their imagination. They also help to learn how to interact with other people, as these games have talking characters and music. Games online for 3 year olds instruct children and keep them entertained with graphics and sounds. These are some benefits of video games. So, let your children play these games, so that they can learn while they are playing!